How about setting up a business in Tokyo?
Start small, let it grow.

That’s the concept of a small office.
Exclusive compartments available for registration.

Start by taking a look at our office.

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Our service, Chikai’s Rental Office, is providing exclusive single rooms
that can be registered respectively.

The rent is 26,000 JPY per month (tax excluded)

Most of the rooms cost less than 40,000 JPY per month ---all exclusive

single rooms.

Some rooms are laid out for entrepreneurs who start

business with a few members. We also have various rooms that can be

enlarged without altering the business address to fit your company’s growth.

Located in Chiyoda-ku, the district known as the center of business and culture in Tokyo.
Suitable for your Tokyo branch and Metropolitan area office!

Once you sign and move in, all it costs is communication expenses.

Equipped with a rental conference room --- free of charge for tenants.

In case you are too busy to drop by at your office, we provide e-mail service
notifying you receipt of mail or have them forwarded to your home. (Additional fee needed)

10 valuable features

Exclusive single rooms with key are yours to use. Available 365 days a year. You can also enjoy a high security environment with automatic monitoring system operated by a Japanese leading security company, SECOM.

We can provide introductions to all types of experts such as tax lawyers, judicial scriveners and administrative solicitors.

In addition to high-speed Internet environment (optical fiber), water, lighting and air-conditioning expenses are all included in the rent. Made possible because we own the building.

Corporation registration available.
Mail are dropped into your exclusive mailbox with key.

A set of office furniture such as desks, chairs and cabinets are installed.

Optional call forwarding service.

A quiet area within four–minutes’ walk from Metro Otemachi and JR Kanda stations, important points for traffic.

Free conference room (certain requirements necessary)

Good radio environment for mobile phones.

We also have an additional secretary phone service.